Turn Spaghetti Sauce into Chili Sauce

When I was a kid living with my parents, we often had hot dogs in the fridge. More often, we had spaghetti sauce in the lazy susan. However, we usually didn’t have a can of chili sauce.

That was probably for the best. Canned chili sauce is usually loaded with preservatives, sodium, and other unpronounceable things.

The nice thing about chili sauce is that it is basically just spaghetti with a few added ingredients. So, if you have hot dogs, but no chili sauce, here is my suggestion.

There are a couple spices you need to convert spaghetti sauce into chili sauce. The two main spices are chili powder and cumin. Add a couple teaspoons of those spices to a cup of spaghetti sauce, then cover the dish and microwave for a couple minutes. That will get you something that is pretty dang close to chili sauce.

If you want to kick things up a notch, add some chili pepper. If you want to put a little spin on it, add some cinnamon. And if a hot dog isn’t enough meat for you, pan fry some ground beef and mix it into the sauce.

It is that simple.

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