What Is Your Real Job?


Maybe you work in IT. Maybe you’re in the insurance business. Maybe you are a doctor. Whatever you do for work, don’t let your work job make you forget your real job.

What is your real job?

“Everything a baptized person does every day should be directly or indirectly related to the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy.”

Dorothy Day

If your job is to install plumbing, then your real job is to give drink to the thirsty. If you manage a grocery store, then your real job involves feeding the hungry and instructing the ignorant. If your job is to mop floors, then maybe you are really offering hospitality to the homeless or bearing wrongs patiently. Continue reading

Little Christmas Prayers

bring me peace
like an angel atop
an evergreen tree

make me shine
like glowing bulbs
strung on a line

set me free
like floating smoke
warm in a chimney

let me hang
like tinsel shining
upon my cross

tear apart the wicked
like 6-year-old hands
with a pile of presents

accept me, please,
like a poor, shivering child
accepts a gift of coal

I walk tall

On open green hills,
in glowing city streets,
I walk tall

not because I am cocky,
not because I am strong,
not because I write the best poems,
because I do not.

I walk tall
because I once walked
through an evil land
with no sword in my hand
with nothing,
nothing to give,
no strength,
no courage,
only weakness
and trembling fear.

Yet, strength came to me.
The harder my battle,
the stronger I was made.
By the hand of the Almighty,
I was made powerful!

When I had nothing to give,
he overflowed me with gifts to share.

I only had the will to do His will,
to be just,
and that was all I needed.

So now, on sunny shores,
in damp forests,
I walk tall

not because I am wise,
not because I am experienced,
not because I am strong,
because I am not.

I walk tall
because I believe
in His Grace.