Why I’m Still Catholic


Pope Francis is allegedly involved in all of this abuse scandal. If that is true, I am appalled and disappointed. I don’t know if it is true, but either way I shall remain a follower of Christ and a member of the Catholic Church.

I was born Catholic, but that is not why I make the decision over and over again to remain Catholic. I am Catholic because I have studied all sides. Time and again, I have analyzed my beliefs. I have analyzed Catholicism and other religions. In my search for the truth, I have come to believe that the Catholic Church is the true church of Jesus Christ.

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Why Should Catholics Eat Healthy and Exercise?


If my goal is heaven, oneness in love with God, then why does it matter if my body is healthy?

As Catholics, it is easy to understand why we need to pray and give. Christ clearly tells us to do those things. But when it comes to caring for our bodies, things aren’t so clear.

The Old Testament lays out dietary laws and some of the commandments give direction on how we should act with our bodies, but the dietary laws were essentially made obsolete by Christ and none of the commandments clearly tell us that we should exercise or practice healthy eating habits.

We should eat healthy and exercise though. We should take care of our bodies. Christ cared about our bodies by healing many who were ill. We have all heard that our bodies are temples of God. But what does that mean? Continue reading

I walk tall

On open green hills,
in glowing city streets,
I walk tall

not because I am cocky,
not because I am strong,
not because I write the best poems,
because I do not.

I walk tall
because I once walked
through an evil land
with no sword in my hand
with nothing,
nothing to give,
no strength,
no courage,
only weakness
and trembling fear.

Yet, strength came to me.
The harder my battle,
the stronger I was made.
By the hand of the Almighty,
I was made powerful!

When I had nothing to give,
he overflowed me with gifts to share.

I only had the will to do His will,
to be just,
and that was all I needed.

So now, on sunny shores,
in damp forests,
I walk tall

not because I am wise,
not because I am experienced,
not because I am strong,
because I am not.

I walk tall
because I believe
in His Grace.