Stop Planning, Start Right Now

“The first blow is half the battle” — 18th Century Proverb

Getting started is difficult. It requires overcoming fear. It requires commitment. It requires punching procrastination in the face.

However, once you start you are halfway there.

You can plan and strategize all you want (aka not starting), but you will not really know what you are up against until you jump into the action.

A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week.” — General George Patton

The above quote is an awful thing for a military general to say. It demonstrates his perspective of an army as a unit rather than a group of human beings. It is brilliant wisdom, though, when it comes to the business of everyday life, when lives are not on the line.

When you start something there is always one of two outcomes. You will either finish or you will run into a roadblock. If you finish, good. If you run into a roadblock, you now know what problem you need to solve.

Starting right away forces you to ask questions, forces the problems to the surface, which forces you to come up with answers and solutions. So, if you have never tried, try it now. Stop planning, and jump right in!

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