My Favorite Self-Improvement Videos of 2018

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The confessional may be the best place for self-improvement. Priests don’t necessarily give extraordinary advice, but the ritual of confession provides something for which we ache.

I can’t quite put my finger on it right now, but there is something very freeing to the human being about examination of self, exposing one’s flaws to another, and being completely forgiven, but also being given a penance. I’m not quite sure of its exact essence, but I experience its beauty every time I participate in the act of confession.

While confession is one of the best ways to improve oneself, it doesn’t hurt to seek additional help elsewhere. This year, among massive piles of videos offering garbage advice and useless amusement, I found a few gems. These videos truly helped me to become a better person in 2018.

Best Self-Improvement Videos of 2018


Health Hacks for Performance and Longevity – Dr Rhonda Patrick

Benefits of Lentils and Chickpeas – Dr Michael Greger

Nutritional Scientist, Dr Rhonda Patrick, on Joe Rogan Experience

15 Minute Easy Morning Yoga Flow

Quick, Full Body Stretch-Band Workout

No Dig Gardening Explained

Mushroom Foraging FAQ


Processing Emotional Pain

Developing Better Habits

Getting Through Tough Times

Living in the Modern World


Making the Right Moral Decisions

Seeing Good in the World, Having Compassion

Remembering Death

Religion and the Opening Up of the Mind

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