Cutting Out Sugar, Enjoying Blandness?

Many moons after I gave up sugar, I finally understood the pleasure that can be found in bland foods. Our culture is inundated with two flavors; sweet and salty. Our food seems to be all sweet or all salty, or a mix of the two, and not much else. But there is so much more out there.

There is more to life than sweet and salty. We can think of it like this: sweet is an amusement park – the rush of a rollercoaster, warm sun, slushies; salty is like the beach – crashing waves, hot sun and a nice breeze, a busy boardwalk.

Many of us live for our next trip to an amusement park or the beach, but isn’t there more to life? What about reading a book by a big picture window during a lightning storm? What about a nap on a warm autumn afternoon? These quieter, more bland times of life can be just as enjoyable as the exciting times. If we only live for amusement parks and beaches, we are missing out on some of life’s finest things. So it is with food.

When I first gave up sugar, I hated cinnamon. It smelled wonderful, and it made me expect something sugary and sweet. Then, I would eat the sugarless food I had flavored with cinnamon, and it would not taste sweet at all. It was a let down.

After I grew out of my addiction to sugary and salty flavors, I developed a new appreciation for herbs and spices.

Instead of associating the smell of cinnamon with sugar, my brain now associates cinnamon with cinnamon – as it should. Cinnamon has become a fine flavor, pleasant to smell and taste. The same has happened for other spices too. My taste buds are better at detecting these flavors in all their richness now. I really believe that people who use artificial sweeteners like stevia or allulose are missing out on a great aspect of food!

I cherish simplicity when it comes to food – and when it comes to life. You will see simplicity in many of my recipes. Simplicity leaves room for you to add your own touch, it leaves room for the imagination, and it makes for easier, often quicker, cooking.

I hope I have inspired you to remove some of the sweet and salty from your meals, and add some blandness. If you want to give it a shot, try my Chia Seed Pudding Recipe.

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