Bell Peppers and Eggplant, Poetry for the Palate

I rewatched the first episode of my favorite show on Netflix, Samurai Gourmet, while I was hungry. My growling stomach seemed to give my eyes ultra-focus on the food scenes. I tried imagine the taste of the lunch that the Takeshi Kasumi (the main character) ordered; pork, eggplant, and bell pepper stir fry, but I could only taste it vicariously through Takeshi Kasumi in his pleased expressions.

The next day I was at Giant Eagle Market District, looking at the organic section. I noticed eggplant was $2.99 per pound, which is a pretty good price for organic produce. I snatched them up. Then, at ALDI, I noticed an even better price on organic sweet peppers (which taste similar to bell peppers). I snatched them up too.

I didn’t get any pork, but I was able to find some locally-sourced lamb chop. The anticipation almost killed me on the drive home. I could not wait to taste the meal that was featured in the first episode of my favorite show. Takeshi Kasumi made it look amazing, and I was hungry.

I sprinkled the lamb chop with garlic powder and salt, then fried it until it was brown on the outside, but still pink in the middle. It was fatty enough that I didn’t need to treat the pan with oil or grease.

Then, I set the chop aside and threw some sliced up sweet peppers and eggplant in the pan. There was some grease left in the pan from the lamb, but I added some olive oil too. I also added a little salt.

While that was cooking, I sliced the lamb into bite-sized pieces. I tossed the bone into some leftover water that I used to boil beets, added some carrots, and let that cook into a nice little stew.

I returned the lamb to the frying pan, with the peppers and eggplant, to cook the rest of the way. I stirred and fried until the eggplant was soft and darkened.

I enjoyed the hell out of that lamb, eggplant, and bell pepper stir fry! And I have enjoyed it a few more times since then – a couple times with chicken instead of lamb, and once with the addition of mushrooms. It has turned out to be one of my favorite entrees. The flavors of the eggplant and bell pepper go together like words in a poem.

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