A Name is Like a Work of Art

Each person brings his/her own life experiences to the interpretation of it.

One of Mozart’s symphonies, though universally portraying the feelings of triumph, can remind one person of grandpa sitting on his rocking chair, smoking his pipe, and listening to his phonograph. The same symphony might remind another person of a particular movie or event.

Things change a bit, however, when a work is truly great. The truly great work can transcend interpretation based on life experiences. Instead, the person’s life experiences are affected in some way by the work of art.

It is the same way with names. You can meet a guy named Tony, and the actions of every other Tony in your life will play some role — big or small — in your initial judgment of the Tony you just met. There is a reason parents do not name their children after people they dislike.

Your judgement of the greatest Tony you meet, the one who has impacted you the most, will be less swayed by the way you feel about other Tonys. Instead, the greatest Tony will be the influencer. He will have the strongest affect on how you view all the other Tonys you meet.

Be the big one. Be the one who people think of first when they hear your name, no matter how common it is.

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